Titan Metrics Update

Gameplay analysis tool for our online first person shooter “Grim”


Taking place on planet P44-X, Grim is an online shooter that lets you experience the battle between the Persuasive Forces and the Insurgents.

Made by six students, this game strives to set an example of what small teams can offer the game industry on a AAA-quality level. Including our three game-modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Breach, the game offers a fun and exciting experience for everyone who loves playing shooters and has a soft spot for high quality game art.

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Titan Gameplay Analysis

Date: 14-04-2012

Titan Metrics is a tool created to analyze our upcoming playtests. It provides in-depth information about our online matches and will help us balance and improve our game.

All matches are recorded and store player information like position, health etc. inside a simple text file. The tool is able to process this text and visualize the match with real-time playback. The filter panel allows you to focus on a single event type, player or specific resource (hitpoints, energy etc.)